A number of cow families have formed the backbone of the Sterling herd of Simmentals for a number of years and continue to exert their influence through their daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters.


Purchased as a foundation cow for the Sterling herd, Fifi was fully German bred, being a daughter of Mayer out of Solta.

A cow with exceptional style and correctness, Fifi bred a strong female line, including Sterling Fifi’s Milady and Sterling Fifi’s Nanette. A successful show animal Milady won a number of breed championships and was later sold at the Heywood and Sterling sale for 7000gns.

This wasn’t before she had left her influence on the Sterling herd though and her daughter Sterling Milady’s Affection is great- great-grandam of the noted bull Sterling Viking II, breed and interbreed champion at the Royal Show in 2009 and a member of the Burke trophy winning pair at the some show.

Viking’s dam, Sterling Helen’s Lyric is also dam of Sterling Caithness, male champion at the Royal Highland in 2012 and male champion and junior interbreed champion at Devon County Show in the same year.

Sterling Lyric's Alabama

Sterling Lyric’s Alabama

Sterling Fifi's Milady

Sterling Fifi’s Milady

Sterling Viking

Sterling Viking II

Sterling Fifi's Nanette

Sterling Fifi’s Nanette



This exceptional cow is by Herkules, an Austrian bred sire purchased in 1989 and is out of Sterling Gretal’s Primrose, an Eridge King Sterling daughter and is the foundation of a number of famous female lines at Sterling.

With an unrivalled influence on the herd, she is the granddam of Sterling Michelle’s Rhapsody, a noted show cow which was interbreed champion at Royal Cornwall in 2010 and reserve interbreed at Newbury Show in the same year. Michelle’s Rhapsody is also dam of Sterling Rhapsody’s Vivian, breed champion at Devon County and the Royal Bath and West shows in 2010 and reserve breed champion at Royal Cornwall in the same year.

Sterling Michelle's Rhapsody

Sterling Michelle’s Rhapsody

Sterling Rhapsody's Vivian

Sterling Rhapsody’s Vivian

Sterling Rhapsody's Vivian

Sterling Rhapsody’s Vivian

Sterling Loren's Trixie

Sterling Loren’s Trixie

Aubretia is also dam of Sterling Aubretia’s Hawaii, dam of Sterling Hawaii’s Krumpet, herself a Kair Galaxy daughter, and one of the most dominant dams of recent years in the Sterling herd, having bred a number of noted animals, including the exceptional show heifer Sterling Krumpet’s Britney.

Sterling Krumpters Britney

Sterling Krumpet’s Britney

Sterling Hawaii's Krumpet

Sterling Hawaii’s Krumpet

This Sterling Flint daughter has amassed an impressive show record, having been breed champion no fewer than five times in 2012 as well as interbreed champion at Devon County Show and reserve interbreed champion at the Scottish National Simmental show. In 2011, she had an exciting season too, collecting three junior championships, including at the Royal Highland and Great Yorkshire show, as well as being junior female champion on four occasions. Other noted descendants from this line include Sterling Krumpet’s Roxanne, a Sterling Flint daughter which was breed champion at the Royal Welsh in 2009 and part of the Burke Trophy winning pair at the Royal Show in the same year. She was also breed champion at the Royal Norfolk and reserve breed champion at Devon County. Roxanne was also dam of 5000gns heifer and Perth female champion Sterling Roxanne’s Verona who was sold in February 2009.

Sterling Roxanne's Verona

Sterling Roxanne’s Verona

Sterling Krumpet's Roxanne

Sterling Krumpet’s Roxanne

Sterling Krumpet's Babylon

Sterling Krumpet’s Babylon



Another strong female line from the Herkules sire line, Barberella is out of Sterling Finki and is dam of Sterling Barberella’s Vicky, a Corskie Principal daughter who was interbreed champion at North Somerset Show in 2010 and is in turn dam of Sterling Vicky’s Alicia and Sterling Vicky’s Dancing Queen, a Sterling Flint daughter and also Sterling Vicky’s Dolores, another by Flint.

Sterling Barbarella's Vicky and calf Sterling Vicky's Dancing Queen

Sterling Barbarella’s Vicky and Sterling Vicky’s Dancing Queen

Sterling Barbarella's Vicky

Sterling Barbarella’s Vicky

Barberella is also granddam of Sterling Mars 2, a Sterling Flint son out of Sterling Barberella’s Fiona which sold to Gerald Smith’s Drumsleed herd and has been used successfully there over a number of seasons. This line is noted for leaving cows with exceptional longevity and natural fleshing, together with correctness and tremendous breed character.

Sterling Arabella's Dorothy

Sterling Arabella’s Dorothy

Sterling Barbarella's Solta

Sterling Barbarella’s Solta

Sterling Pandora's Therese

Sterling Pandora’s Therese


This Herkules daughter is out of Sterling Nadine’s Rebecca, herself a Heywood Ensign daughter and is dam of a number of important females, including Sterling Adel’s Naomi and Sterling Adel’s Dolores. Naomi is a Dirnanean Jacob and is dam of a number of good females, including Sterling Naomi’s Venus, a Sterling Legend daughter which was sold to David Jones for £11,000 having been unbeaten at 14 shows in 2009.

Sterling Adel's Naomi

Sterling Adel’s Naomi

Sterling Rosemary's Dunesk

Sterling Rosemary’s Dunesk

Sterling Naomi's Wenona and calf Sterling Wenona's Emerald

Sterling Naomi’s Wenona and calf Sterling Wenona’s Emerald

Sterling Naomi's Venus

Sterling Naomi’s Venus

Sterling Domino

Sterling Domino

She is also dam of Sterling Naomi’s Cher, a third prize winner at the English National Show in 2012. Naomi is also the dam of Sterling Naomi’s Courtney and Sterling Naomi’s Coleen, both of which teamed up with Cher to win the dam progeny group at the English National Show in 2012. Meanwhile, Sterling Adel’s Delores is dam of Sterling Dolores’ Petra, a Sterling Flint daughter which was breed champion at the English National Show at Harrogate in 2010, as well as being breed champion at the Royal Welsh in the same year and champion heifer at the Royal and Royal Welsh shows in 2005.
Sterling Dolores' Petra

Sterling Dolores’ Petra

Sterling Petra's Tracy

Sterling Petra’s Tracy

Sterling Dolores' Anna

Sterling Dolores’ Anna

Sterling Petra's Cairo

Sterling Petra’s Cairo

Other noted females from this line include Sterling Dolores Anna and Sterling Dolores Celia. Anna is a daughter of Rosten Son-O Barney, with Celia being by Sterling Rochester.
Sterling Ritzy's Anastasia

Sterling Ritzy’s Anastasia

This modern, clean lined daughter of Kair Galaxy is out of a Herkules daughter and is the founding female behind a number of leading lines present in the modern-day Sterling herd, including Sterling Joyfulls Ritzy. Sired by Dovefield Gallant, Ritzy is dam of Sterling Vesta, a Sterling Flint daughter which was sold to Andrew and Hayley Clark for the Williams herd. More recently she has bred Sterling Ritzy’s Anastasia, a Corrick Kentucky Kid daughter which was highly successful on the show circuit in 2010, picking up a fistful of red tickets, including at Devon County, Bath and West, Royal Cornwall, Three Counties, The Royal Highland, Royal Norfolk, Moreton-in-Marsh and Edenbridge and Oxted shows.

She was also reserve female champion at the Three Counties and stood second at the National Show at the Great Yorkshire Show and also at the Royal Welsh. She was later sold at Stirling for 3600gns having stood reserve female champion.

Ritzy is also dam to the herd’s junior stock sire Sterling Cotswold, a full brother to Anastasia, which picked up a number of show wins in 2012, including first prize at the Royal Highland, first at Three Counties, first at the Royal Welsh and male champion at Newbury.

Adding to his show record in 2013 Cotswold was breed champion at Devon, male champion at Bath and West, male champion at the Royal Cornwall and reserve male champion at the English National Show at Cheshire. He was then male champion and reserve breed champion at the Great Yorkshire and was male and breed champion at Moreton in Marsh Show.

Other leading females from this line include Sterling Joyfulls Vanessa, a Corskie Principal daughter which sold at Perth in 2008 for 2600gns and Sterling Joyfull’s Valderama, a Sterling Parliamentarian daughter which also sold at Perth for 3200gns.


Another strong female line founded on Herkules breeding, Tania’s Champagne is out of Sterling Jealousy’s Tania, a Sterling Parliamentarian daughter and is dam to Sterling Champagne’s Grace among others.

Champagne’s Grace, a Heywood Talent daughter is dam of Sterling Grace’s Wilhemina, a Darsham Playboy daughter which enjoyed an outstanding show career and was female champion at Stirling in February 2010 and was later sold privately to Andrew and Hayley Clarke for the Williams herd for an undisclosed five figure price. She was also junior interbreed champion at the Great Yorkshire Show later in the same year.

Sterling Grace's Dynasty

Sterling Grace’s Dynisty

Sterling Champagne's Grace

Sterling Champagne’s Grace

Other noted females in this family include Sterling Grace’s Saffron who is breeding well in the herd. Saffron is a Corskie Principal daughter.

Sterling Grace's Wilhemina

Sterling Grace’s Wilhemina

Sterling Grace's Safferon with calf Sterling Grace's Envy

Sterling Grace’s Safferon with calf Sterling Grace’s Envy

Sterling Martini's Samantha

Sterling Martini’s Samantha

Sired by the noted sire Heywood Esquire, Fauna 6 is out of a Killane Fauna 3, a daughter of imported sire Etendard.

She has left a number of noted females in the herd, including Sterling Amber’s Derby, a yearling heifer by Mendick Butch out of Sterling Samoas Amber, a Sterling Viking 2 daughter. Sterling Martini’s Samantha, a Corskie Principal daughter out of Sterling Josie’s Martini, a Blackford Rory daughter, is another leading member of the family.

Also from this family is Sterling Josies Verbana, a Sterling Parliamentarian daughter out of Sterling Vanessas Josie, herself a daughter of homebred sire Sterling Alex.

Sterling Josie's Verbena

Sterling Josie’s Verbena

Sterling Amba's Derby

Sterling Amba’s Derby